Thursday, March 14, 2013

124 West Granite (Butte Telephone Company)

Architect: George Shanley
Built: 1907

The end of a long court battle between Amalgamated Copper and renegade mine entrepreneur F. Augustus Heinze in 1906 brought about an unprecedented building boom. The Beaux Arts style, with its grandiose composition and exuberant detail, was the perfect façade to symbolize Butte’s new-found optimism. Prolific Montana architect George Shanley designed this three-story office building in 1907 for the Montana Independent Telephone Company. Home of the Butte Water Company since 1918, the structure, with its slender Ionic columns, arcade, and balconies, comprises one of a group of civic buildings in this expressive style.

Text from historic plaque by Montana Historical Society. Photo by Stephen W. Henderson.

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