This site is intended to be a growing catalog of the 6,000 contributing historic properties in the Butte-Anaconda National Historic Landmark District. Together with the Butte History blog, it is part of the Montana Copperway effort. Also, we have begun adding the locations to HistoryPin, where you can use a map or photo list to find properties. The Facebook page is mostly just a way of announcing new entries here.

To find a particular topic, use the index on the right side of each page to locate a street address, all properties on a street, year built, or other subject. Blog post count as of 12/04/13: 146.

To become a contributor or editor for this site, please contact Dick Gibson at rigibson@earthlink.net . Corrections and expansions of articles are also welcome--send to the same email.

If you have general comments about this blog, rather than specific ones about a particular post, please add them in the comments section on this page (below), or contact us via Dick's email, above. 

Editors/reviewers: Richard Gibson, Mark Reavis, Nicole von Gaza

Contributors: Phyllis Hargrave, Kathy Koskimaki Carlson, Irene Scheidecker, Linda Albright, Mark Reavis, Richard Gibson, Nicole von Gaza

Guidelines for Contributors: Information should be presented in an encyclopedic style, focusing on the building and its history. Ideally, each entry should have at least one photograph. Photographer credit and permission are required; images taken from the Internet or from Facebook are generally copyrighted and are NOT free to use, although they can be linked. Including a credit line alone does not give you permission to use a copyrighted image. Historic, public domain images can be used, or photos to which you own the copyright. Images that are greater than 800 pixels in any dimension will be reduced in size. Strive for the following as minimum criteria for an article:
  • Year built (and year lost, if it is gone)
  • Architect
  • Significance (architecture, historic events or people associated, etc.)
  • Architectural details (remembering that a picture may be worth 1,000 words)
  • Status. Omit if use is as expected, i.e., residential, commercial; include status if vacant or lost or different from original use, as a museum or bed and breakfast.
  • Street address; Google Maps location (we can do this for you as long as you provide a street address)

It is OK to include demolished structures in this catalog if they were (or might have been eligible to be) contributing properties in the NHLD. Group related structures together (e.g., all elements of a mine yard) in one article. If information is extensive, separate entries can be made. Aim for 200-600 words, but if necessary to convey the story, fewer or more words will be OK. And a very brief initial description can always be expanded.

Writing should be yours, or from public domain sources if quoted directly, and credit should be given for direct quotes. Montana Historical Society historic plaque texts are public domain, but should be credited. Also list resources, references used in the preparation of your text. Byline given for original writing; editors may adjust for style and grammar. Copyright rests with individual writers and photographers, unless indicated otherwise.

Disclaimer: While we have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information in this site, we do not guarantee it. This site is an unfunded, volunteer grass-roots project and has no official standing with any government entity. It is a part of the Montana Copperway effort.

Photo by Richard Gibson.

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